Working from home is the new normal for many professions and industries. But when it comes to adult entertainment, this has been commonplace for several years already.

Adult work from home is now considered a rewarding, empowering and lucrative career choice for many women. Not only do you have the freedom to be your own boss and choose your own hours, you can also explore your sexuality free from judgment or discrimination.

Then there’s the financial advantages of adult work at home. You’ll benefit from a regular and reliable wage paid directly into your bank account. The uncapped earnings are impressive too, ranging from £100s to £1000s a week!

But what types of adult work exist online? And how can you get started?

The Types of Adult Work at Home

  • Webcam modelling

Webcam modelling involves performing live shows to a chat room of clients. This will either be a group chat with multiple clients or a private chat with one individual.

Most webcam models will engage in sexual activities to entertain their clients. This can range from a simple striptease to something more explicit.

What you do as a webcam model is completely your call. You are in control, so just be yourself and do whatever feels natural or comfortable.

  • Phone sex and erotic chat

This form of adult work doesn’t involve being on camera and takes place through phone calls or online messaging tools. Otherwise known as ‘sexting’, you will engage in dirty talk or erotic conversations with clients.

Although phone sex and erotic chat predominantly involves talking or texting, you may choose to share intimate images of yourself as well. Once more, this is your own choice.

How to Get Started with Adult Work at Home

If you’ve never done any adult work at home before, then it’s natural to feel a little bit daunted by the prospect. After all, these activities typically take place in private with a loved one or on your own.

But because of popular feminist movements and increasing equality in society, more and more women now feel the confidence to own their sexuality through adult work.

Even so, it’s never easy to jump straight into another career, especially when it involves webcam modelling or erotic chat. Finding work in the first place can be a huge challenge, not to mention what you should be doing in front of the camera, how to interact with clients and where to turn in difficult situations.

Empire Models is here to help. We’ve established a safe and supportive platform where women of all backgrounds can kickstart their adult work career. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll be in touch to discuss your aspirations and talk you through what’s involved. If you’re happy to proceed, our team will provide you with the help and resources you need to get going.

Forget any preconceived notions that adult work is a dirty word. In today’s society, it’s a positive and empowering career for women to be themselves and own their choices.